UF : Key Accounts Manager - Sales
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DPML01 : Branch Manager
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PBL03 : Western Region Head
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PBL02 : Head -Chartering
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UFP8 : Area Manager
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As a senior industry professional, I was very concerned about the confidentiality of my profile and wanted a professional who understands my aspirations. I got just what I wanted when I contacted Logjobs. I was constantly interacting with a single Senior Consultant and that gave me lot of confidence and comfort level during my interaction.

M. Sunil
Vice President - International

Logjobs has partnered our hiring need for over a decade. Their understanding of the requirements is spot-on and we have filled critical positions with their timely support.

Mariam Iskander
Manager – HR & O.D.

Logjobs is a premium HR Consultancy assisting companies in recruiting experienced personnel for various logistics functions. Candidates can submit their resumes with us for Logistics Jobs, Supply Chain Management Jobs, Warehouse Management Jobs, Transportation Jobs, 3rd party logistics jobs; in both India and Overseas.
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