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FAQs - Employer
I have a Human Resources Department that also handles recruiting and staffing so why would I outsource it?
Recruitment is not your core business. Most organizations keep shifting their focus to recruitments from their core business as they feel they must manage their hiring process  themselves.  They  invest  in  people,  resources,  technology,  training  and then monitoring them.

Free yourself and focus on your core business, let Logjobs act as an extended arm for your talent acquisition.  Let Logjobs compliment the efforts of your HR team leaving them with enough time to focus on more critical aspects of HR viz. Employee Engagement, Compensation and Skill-development.

We own and manage your complete hiring process and add value at each stage – from start to finish, a complete win-win formula.

How and where do you find the best candidates?
The best candidates are almost always employed and performing the duties you are trying to fill. This includes those candidates working for a competitor. Logjobs will identify and reach out to these “passive” candidates and act as a catalyst to the search process to ensure you get the right talent.

Is it expensive to work with a search firm?
Expensive is a relative term and holds least significance when compared with Effectiveness.  The benefit of using a search firm can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertising campaign, screening and qualifying numerous candidates, operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time……. compared to the relative insurance of getting the right person for the job. The use of executive recruiters is an investment in improving the quality of your management team.

FAQs – Candidate

What geographic areas does Logjobs serve?

Our candidate and client reach is wide spread across India and Middle East. Our Candidate database includes Indians, NRIs and Expats with extensive domain Knowledge.

Are your services confidential?
Every communication (written and verbal) you have with Logjobs is 100% confidential. We share your profile with potential employer only after we have completely briefed you on role and organization and have your consent for the same.
Logjobs is a premium HR Consultancy assisting companies in recruiting experienced personnel for various logistics functions. Candidates can submit their resumes with us for Logistics Jobs, Supply Chain Management Jobs, Warehouse Management Jobs, Transportation Jobs, 3rd party logistics jobs; in both India and Overseas.
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